5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Elephants

Let’s show some love to these adorable and cool animals who are just like us in so many ways.

Elephants are majestic and fascinating. They are the largest creatures roaming on earth’s surface and yet so gentle and lovable. They indeed are mighty animals, but there are so many aspects about them making them just like us. Man has been friends with them for a long time, and we have helped each other on different occasions too. Sadly, we are breaking their trust by capturing, hunting and trading them for their tusk. It is a worldwide cause, and many people are coming forward to raise awareness about the elephant trafficking.

Do you know elephants hate peanuts? And they are super scared of bees and ants crawling over them making them avoid climbing trees. Despite their size, they aren’t invincible. But that doesn’t take away our immense love for them. If you need more reasons to fall in love with elephants, well here they are-

  1. They advocate feminism: As strange as it seems, the elephants made feminism a norm in their societies long before it was cool. It is because they live in matriarchal societies where female heads the troop with all the female relatives living together.
  2. Memory power: Have you heard the phrase ‘elephant memory’? As the name suggests, they rarely forget, and it has been proven by science. The older an elephant gets, the more her ability to recognize the others as a friend or an enemy increases. The matriarch of the herd is responsible for using her memory to remember, teach and pass on her skills to the other members. Let’s hope that they don’t hold grudges.
  3. Self-Recognition: The trait establishes their intelligence in comparison to other animals. They can quickly identify themselves in the mirror, making them aware of themselves. The sense of awareness puts them above the others in the process of evolution.
  4. Emotional: Due to their intelligence, they are very close to their friends and fellows. Therefore, they mourn the passing of their loved ones. Also, they are known to comfort each other through their trunks and making some peculiar sounds. It is a sign of pacifying or reassuring their distraught friends.
  5. Hugging their trunks to greet: Their trunks serve a lot of purposes other than collecting food or drinking water. These gentle giants have a unique way of greeting each other by putting out their trunks and saying hello by hugging it. Also, the young elephants suck their trunks just the way babies suck their thumbs.

With so much awesomeness in elephants, let us ensure that they are protected and loved by everyone. They deserve it all.

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