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5 reasons why Argentina won our hearts this FIFA season-

As the finals match of the FIFA world cup, 2022 came to an end, leaving Argentina victorious, fans all over the world are celebrating! However, not only did this wondrous team go all the way to the top, to hold the most prestigious cup, but they also won our hearts! Here are some of the ways how!

The comeback- In the first match they played against Saudi Arabia in this competition, it was a shock to their fans, as they lost, conceding 3 goals to the opposing team. Many feared that this was the end. However, there was no loss of hope. Reports about their increased practice time were circulated. They were determined to make a comeback and they did so!

Determination- This grit and determination is one thing that made fans love them even more. Even in the roughest match of the tournament, which was probably Argentina vs Netherlands, they fought till the end, emerging victorious and going into the semi-finals!

The teamwork- The most impeccable thing about this team, was the level of coordination. Their passes were unstoppable throughout all the games and their coordination was fabulous. While they have some of the best players, this tournament proved that it is not the individual who wins the game, but the essential teamwork. Lionel Messi, their captain had put the team together fabulously, and they created this strategy that worked wonders and was reflected in every game of theirs!

Congeniality to the opposing team – Argentina is excellent not only on the field but also in terms of the people that they are. They are very sporty, take leaps and falls in their stride, and never complain while they are on the field. They make it a point to shake hands and hug their opponents afterward properly. These instances are heartwarming and reflect true sportsman spirit. Furthermore, the congeniality is confirmed, when we see how way the rest of the world all wants Messi to win. He is one of the best footballers, and always greets his fans and even members of the opposing team with congeniality and gratitude.

Made it to the top!- Most of the players come from very humble backgrounds. Yet, the fact that they worked so hard and made it all the way to the top, and are one of the most loved teams in the world, makes this victory even more precious!

So what is your favorite thing about the Argentina team?