5 reasons why Chandler is the best husband ever

Chandler from FRIENDS is one of the most loved TV characters ever. The man is loved for his sense of humor but he has won hearts of millions of girls by becoming the perfect husband ever.

Let’s discuss the reasons why women think Chandler is the best husband ever and how you can be like him.

Loves to maintain – It is easy to love someone for their goodness or beauty but it is difficult to love someone for their quirks. Chandler is the undisputed Kings of husbands because of his understanding nature and his love for Monica. In one of the episodes, when Monica realised that she is known to be ‘high maintenance’ by her friends, Chandler explains her that she might not be an easy person to please and she might be high maintenance, but he likes maintaining her.

Adjustments – When you love someone, you change yourself for them. It is a known fact that love comes with different changes and it has the ability to transform a person into a good or bad person. Chandler, one of the favorite characters of people, was a heavy smoker but after being in a relationship with her, he quits his habit of smoking. Also, he refrains himself from doing the activities that Monica doesn’t like much like making funny jokes all the time.

Rock – if you want to excel at relationships, just learn how to deal with difficult phases in life. No one cares about how good you are when everything is going smooth. Your calibre and your love gets tested when one of you or both of you go through a rough patch in your life. Chandler Bing who people thought is an immature person stood like a rock for Monica whenever the situation demanded. When the couple realised they will never be able to become parents, Chandler was there with his positive energy. Similarly, whenever Monica got upset, Chandler was there.

Funny – Being funny is Chandler’s thing. In an interview, writers of the show revealed that the whole cast had equal amount of funny lines during the first season but Chandler became people’s favourite because of his wit and humour. Chandler is the one who infused humour in their daily lives and made Monica laughed even in tough moments.

Supportive – Last but not the least, Chandler was fully supportive of Monica and supported her in every way possible. Everytime there was a change in the career of Monica or she got upset with something at work, Chandler was there to provide his support to his wife.

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