5 reasons why reading stories is vital for your toddler

Stories play a significant role in your child’s development. Here is why you should read stories to your toddler.

Stories are an integral part of our childhood. Don’t we all remember the fairytales we heard in the lap of our grandmother? Apart from the nostalgia, bedtime stories are the foundation stone to smart and aware childhood. It helps with the development of vocabulary, language and boosts creativity. Here are some of the reasons why bedtime story reading is a must.

  1. Helps in language and vocabulary
Reading stories is a beautiful way to introduce new words and hence building their language skills. You can start with simple storybooks with lots of pictures and other sensory details, and move to more complex storylines. Try to find books with a lot of pictures and read the words aloud repeatedly to make them familiar with words and sounds.
  1. Helps in Cognitive development
Child’s brain develops significantly during its toddler years; it is vital to introduce your child to the storybooks. It helps them with developing their cognitive skills like problem-solving and decision making. When they are exposed to different storybooks, they can find a bridge between the reality and the stories.
  1. Boosts their Imagination and creativity
Stories are known to develop the young mind’s imagination significantly. Through stories, their imagination is fueled by the fantasy world. Reading enhances creativity, as well. You can ask your kids to complete the story and give them a chance to brush up their creative streak.
  1. It helps in developing Empathy and Morals
Stories are a great medium of teaching a sense of empathy, do’s and don’ts. The lessons you want your child to learn can easily be taught in a story. For example, Pinocchio lied and hence his nose grew longer. So, this would teach them to be truthful.
  1. Bonding with your child
What better way to have quality time and bonding with your tiny tot then have a dedicated time for reading stories. By doing so, children know that it is momma\daddy and baby time and look forward to it every day. They also get a feeling of love and nurturing, which is very helpful in developing them to confident individuals.

An hour of your time can make a big difference in your child’s personality and development. And as it is rightly said that today a reader can be tomorrow’s leader.