Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 reasons why social media marketing is better than traditional marketing

From MNC’s to startups, Social media marketing has taken businesses by storm.

Digitization was slowly engulfing the world's existing technologies and workings, but it leapt with the emergence of the pandemic. While earlier businesses and institutions were busy establishing their presence in the online media, with the hard-hit pandemic, it almost became the need of the hour. From school, colleges,  to small single-owner businesses to big MNC's all were racing against the time to start working in the online medium. While others are still struggling with this online medium for their desired output, the business has earned some of the most significant profits by using digital media. And what being the most impressive is the performance of social media. Social media marketing during this reached its peak as all the people were stuck to the phone. Companies earned a considerable amount of profit by promoting extensively on social media and gained many people. This pandemic has shown us how social media marketing could be more effective than traditional marketing methods. So, to know more about its effects, let us study the advantage of social media marketing over traditional marketing.

Greater Reach

Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone and is on their phone 24*7, which provides an excellent opportunity for the marketer to market the brand/product/service. The most significant advantage of using social media is that there is no geographical constraint. They can reach people across the globe, which is not possible in traditional marketing. Traditional marketing has a minimal reach as most of it has geographical restrictions.


Traditional Marketing is very costly compared to social media marketing. Traditional marketing, like physical marketing with hoardings and billboards, requires huge expenditures, while in social media marketing, all one needs is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Fast feedback

Feedback and responses are critical in marketing as they will help you understand the placement of your brand. In addition, it allows you to determine your potential customer's requirements and help you target better by providing a niche. However, unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing can be slower and instant feedback is not possible.

Has no boundaries

Social media do no discrimination among people; anyone from anywhere of any background can get access to this, while there are many restrictions in traditional media. Therefore marketing in social media ultimately helps in sending the clear message of the brand most effectively.

A better way to build customer relationship

Social media helps both brands and customers to maintain a relationship with each other. It is effective in many ways, from the customer's angle; for example, a brand's negative side is more visible to the world, whereas from the companies side: they have access to all the data of their customer. All of these helps in creating a good strategy for marketing. However, whereas all of these are absent in traditional marketing, the methods are limited to data and hypotheses. As a result, customers don't have the scope of interacting with the brand, making it less efficient.