5 Reasons Why We Love Christian Bale

5 reasons why we adore the talented Christian Bale, and how his personality and hard work motivates us to be like him.

Some Hollywood stars trod undeviatingly from the red carpet into our hearts, and Christian Bale is one of them! He is undoubtedly exceptionally talented and has won the hearts of fans worldwide. Give him any role and this actor does more than just perform, he lives the character. Here are some astonishing facts about our dark knight that will make you fall in love with him all over again.

  1. We watched him grow with his films-

Through the trail of classics, we have seen Bale evolve as the excellent star that he is. Performing as a young kid, from the pop star era to melancholy and scandal movies, Christian has adapted to varying times, making his movies blockbusters.

  1. He respects his personal space-

Besides being a superstar, what inspires us most about him is that he keeps his reel and real-life apart and pays attention to both independently. You will seldom find him come out to the press on his own and keeps his dear ones out of media reach. This makes us enjoy his on-screen characters even more as the real-life Bale is a mystery to us.

  1. He takes his job very seriously-

Bale studies all his roles after getting his script and character description and starts living in the personality much before the shooting process starts. He is one of the actors branded for his hardcore methods for getting in his roles. Fans were stunned at his transformation for his performances in several movies, like The Machinist.

  1. He elevates the entire genre-

You must have apprehended how the appearance of Bale in a movie changes the spirit of the film. Maybe it is his intense acting skills, Batman Begins had more of a psychological tinge because of his presence, and that is what demarcated it from the other superhero movies. No matter the genre of the movie he acts in, he gives an edge to the character that gets echoed in the entire genre.

  1. He is a hard to please person-

Yes, you read that right, and when I say hard to satisfy, he counts himself in too! Even though we thoroughly loved his performance in the movie, Dark Knight, he was not very happy with it and said he didn’t quite nail it! Maybe pushing himself to the limit is his secret to delivering excellence on screen.

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