5 Reasons Why You Should Go Sulphate Free While Choose Hair And Skin Care Products

Dermatologists recommend sulphate free shampoo or face wash. Here’s why

Do you love the fine lather your shampoo makes when you rinse your hair with it, or the foamy texture of your facewash makes you think it’s just the right way to deep cleanse your skin? You are making all the wrong choices here. That thick lather of your shampoo or toothpaste and the longer shelf-life of your beauty product is because of harmful chemicals called sulphate or paraben.

Sulphate is the same product that is used in detergents and household cleaners. The two kinds of sulphates used in shampoo are sodium Laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulphate. Its purpose is to remove dirt and oil and create a lathering effect. Sulphate free shampoos lather less and are often mild. You will need to apply shampoo at least thrice for middle length hair if you are using a sulphate free shampoo. For facewash, they can leave your face excessively dry.

Here is why you should use sulphate free skincare products

Sulphate in shampoo or face wash can irritate sensitive skin especially with rosacea and may cause small reddish bumps on your scalp as well rashes as on your face, back and shoulders.

The lathering effects from sulphate shampoos can aggravate skin conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis.

Sulphate shampoo can strip out natural oils from your hair, leaving your hands dry. If you have dry hair, avoid sulphate even more as it will lead to breakage of hair strands.

If you have colour treated your hair, applying sulphate shampoo might make your hair strands lose their shine and artificial colouring.

Sulphate shampoo not only makes your hair excessively dry it makes them frizzy too. This happens when it creates a negative electric charge on hair and strands try to detangle messily. Frizz-neutralizing ingredients, such as amphoteric or nonionic surfactants can help in controlling the frizz but on the safe side go for a non-sulphate product.

Sulphate pose environmental threats as well. They are toxins that go down the drain and affect marine life and even get back to earth through the water we consume.

Non-sulphate natural products will not look effective on application without the lather, but it will help retain the natural oil balance of your skin while cleansing. It leaves your skin supple and prevents rash. Moreover, such products are suitable for all skin types, and you don’t have to worry about examining the label.