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5 Science fiction books that everyone should read

Welcome to the world of adventure and thrill and a journey towards the mystery.

We human beings are curious about everything. We developed a great whale called science in order to explain all the natural phenomenons about our universe or the biodiversity or the chemical objects. But the human brain is definitely not satisfied with that simple info, we seek for more. So the introduction of Science fiction stories or books were a clever choice to start with. Check out these five science fiction books listed below that you may find enjoyable.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Jules Verne

A book which can take your breath away and leave you in place where you will ask for more. you can be a traveller along with the professor and his nephew, who happened to be the main characters here. The journey will take you to the centre of the earth which was led by a cryptogram. The adventure inside the book remains untold, if you want to know go grab it.

Zone One: Colson Whitehead

The most fascinating topic of the 20th to 21st century is zombies. The zombie apocalypse is quite famous among teenagers and children nowadays. Colson Whitehead was one of them who couldn’t suppress his urge to see the world as a version where zombies and humans will fight to survive, his book is an elaborated version of  that scenario. Unless you read this, you will not find out what can happen next.

The Time Machine: H.G. Wells

This book is not only famous but also it won many prizes. Wells is a terrific writer, who was able to explain time travel through his creation in a remarkable way. Time travel can fascinate people until they achieve the capability to make one time machine. This book is a good start towards this genre.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars: Christopher Paolini

The fight between aliens and the human race can’t be denied. Paolini took advantage of this fascination to create a masterpiece. This book cannot be described, the story remains untold for the readers.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams

A hitchhiker actually made it to the unknown galaxies through some special route. A best selling book awaits for the readers to explore. Universe, stars, Galaxies are always hot topics throughout the world. Douglas knew how to take the attention and he didn’t miss it.