5 Scientifically Impossible Places That Exist On Earth

The world and its mysteries never cease to exist. Here are 5 places on earth that defy the scientific explanations that regulate otherworldly processes.

As incredible as our planet is, we can never get enough of it. Be it the scintillating beach waters, vanishing waterfalls, sporadic floating lights in the sky, or the never settling Bermuda triangle, we have enough to gape about that even science could not answer. Here are the most blizzard places on earth where one can experience the phenomenon in person.

  1. Devil’s Kettle-

On the bank of Lake Superior in Judge C.R. Magney State Park, Minnesota is a mysterious phenomenon that takes place that even scientists have not been able to explain. The waterfall splits over a rock, disappearing into a pothole. Even though researchers have tried to find the connectivity by throwing scientific objects into the pit, none of them has ever come back or traced. The channel is left undiscovered and deemed unsafe for people to explore.

  1. KawahIjen-

A sulfur mine in Indonesia built beside a dormant volcano, spurts a sparkling neon gas spilling from the side. The shooting of flame 5 meters above the air is toxic and should be avoided by the miners at all cost. The glowing river of lava is a beautiful sight to catch on to and looks gorgeous at night.

  1. Hessdalan Lights-

The rural central in Norway is adorned by bright coloured lights over the Hessdalen valley. It appears about an hour after getting dark and stays no longer than sixty minutes. The floating lights are occasionally swift and sometimes slow. It was first spotted in 1930, and Scientists believe they might be caused by the ionized of iron dust.

  1. Lake Karachay-

A result of the cold war treachery, on the banks of Lake Karachay, is a lake that has been dumped as radioactive waste ground. An accident in 1957 caused a tank to explode and spread radioactive particles over 9,000 miles. The draught of 1967 caused the lake to dry out, and even though a concrete barrier is made around it, if exposed, it can kill you instantly.

  1. Bermuda Triangle-

Located in North Atlantic, the loose triangle formed between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico is a place where aircraft and ships disappear mysteriously. There is no explanation to why there can be no trace of aeroplanes disappearing while others stay put. Some believe it has a link with the lost city of Atlantis, and others link it to magnetic abnormalities that confuse the compass of the device, causing it to be misled and get lost.

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