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Bizarre facts about loneliness that you never knew existed. A rundown through the deep trenches of loneliness!

We all know the feeling of loneliness. Whether it’s because we’re away from family and friends, living in a new place or experiencing personal struggles, loneliness can make us feel like we’re alone in the world. But did you know that loneliness can actually be detrimental to our health and well-being? Here are five shocking facts about loneliness that you probably didn’t know.

Loneliness is a Bigger Health Threat than Obesity and Smoking

Yes, research has found that loneliness might be just as harmful to our health as smoking and being overweight. Damaged immune systems, elevated levels of stress, and elevated inflammatory markers are all effects of loneliness that raise our vulnerability to diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease. It's time to initiate addressing loneliness like the major health problem that it is.

Lonely People are More Likely to Experience Cognitive Decline

Loneliness can have an influence on how we think in addition to our physical well-being. Therefore, maintaining social connections as we age is just as crucial as maintaining physical activity.

Social Media can Contribute to Feelings of Loneliness

The internet can link us to individuals around the globe, but it can also exacerbate feelings of alienation and solitude. According to studies, using social networks can cause peer pressure, marginalisation, and a sensation that we fall short of our contemporaries. It's critical to keep in mind that the web cannot replace face-to-face interactions.

Loneliness Can Affect Our Sleep

Whenever you've suffered from feeling alone, you might have discovered it challenging to get drift off or stay asleep at night time. This is because isolation can raise our anxiety as well as stress levels, which makes it more difficult for individuals to unwind and receive the amount of sleep we require. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to investigate whether loneliness may be an associated issue if you've been experiencing difficulty falling asleep.

Lonely People are More Likely to Die Early

Surveys indicate that those who are lonesome are more probable to perish young compared to those who are socially integrated, which may be the most alarming statistic of all. That's because isolation can result in depressive and anxious states as well as undesirable behaviours like cigarette and alcohol consumption. It's high time to prioritize social ties in our daily existence.