5 side effects of eating too much salt

Salt is a must-have ingredient in almost all culinary preparations.

However, consuming salt in large amounts can wreak havoc on your overall health.

It’s associated with several health issues, both in the short as well as long term.

It’s no secret that too much of anything is harmful. And this stands true when it comes to salt as well. Salt – which consists of 60% chloride and 40% sodium – provides flavors to the food, and also acts as a preservative. On the other hand, it supports various functions in your body, if eaten in moderation. However, the problem begins when you consume it excessively. In this article, we will discuss some common health issues that you can experience for eating too much salt.

It may leave you feeling extremely thirsty

If you are feeling thirsty all the time, then it could be a result of your excessive salt intake. It happens because your body tries to maintain the sodium-to-water ratio. In this case, you need to drink plenty of water to restore your fluid balance.

It may raise your blood pressure levels

As evidence suggests, consuming salt in excess amounts can cause a larger volume of blood to flow through your blood vessels and arteries. Also, it restricts your kidneys’ ability to get rid of the excess fluid. Both of these result in a rise in your blood pressure levels. This can even lead you to several heart diseases in the long run.

It may make you gain weight

Due to the high sodium content, salt makes your body retain more water, which is a major factor behind obesity. Also, as evidence suggests, excessive salt intake is a trigger of cravings, and so, it makes you overeat and eventually gain weight.

It may leave you bloated

Bloating is a serious condition that occurs when your gastrointestinal tract gets filled with gas. While there are several causes, excessive salt intake is a major one among them. It makes your body retain water, and this eventually results in bloating. A study in 2019 also found that people who eat salty foods regularly are more likely to develop bloat than those who don’t.

It may damage your skin health

Your skin depends a lot on the foods you consume. And there’s evidence that eating excessive salt is extremely harmful to skin health. It dehydrates your skin from the inside and makes it appear very dull. Also, it causes several issues such as acne, rash, fine lines, dark spots, and more.

Besides, it may also cause fatigue, swelling, headache, stomach ache, etc. So, limit your salt intake to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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