Published By: Ahvana Paul

5 signs that you are a zillenial

The millennial age ended in 1996, and the Gen-Z’s though officially beginning from 1997(according to the internet anyway!), seem to have become a proper thing around the 2000’s! There are therefore 3 odd years- 1997, 1998, and 1999- all three of which are almost considered an “in-between” phase.  However, don’t feel out of place, if you are reading this- if you are born in these three years, you are officially in a class of your own. You are A ZILLENNIAL! Now, millennials are almost at the cusp, right before the transformative phase( judging by the newly defining trends set forth by Gen-z these days), and right at the edge of the millennials phase, who are still determining if the boomer way to go was the right way or not! While all these about the different generations are debatable, this article is for Zillenials! Are you confused about whether you are a millennial or Gen-Z? Well, now you can quit being confused, as you are definitely a zillenial! Here are some signs which confirm that for you! 

You have used a floppy disk before

Remember, the floppy disc that was to be inserted into the computer, almost like we do pen drives these days? Well, if you are a zillenial, you have most definitely as a child used them, probably even marvelled at them, am I right?

You have seen and used a VCD player

Before DVD players, and then inbuilt CD drives in your laptop, do you remember VCD players, and those big cassettes like VCDs, encased in covers depicting the posters of your favourite films? Though they are long gone and have now been replaced by multiple technologies, surely if you are a Zillenial, you would feel nostalgic about this!

Disney Channel was a delight when you were small

Remember, how you used to come back from school, drop your school bag and rush to sit and watch the lineup on Disney Channel on your television? Those truly were the days, weren’t they? With Full House, Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers and the occasional playing of High School Musical! If this list hits you with immense nostalgia, you are a Gen-Z!

You often get confused if you’re a millennial or a Gen-Z

Are you sometimes conflicted, about whether you are a Gen-z or millennial? Do you find that you have traits in common with both of them? For example, Gen-Z’s minimalist trendy nature is something you picked upon, but at the same time, you are faced with millennial-like dilemmas of how to react to the changing world. Well. If you are in this conundrum, unable to determine which exactly as you share traits and follow trends of both, don’t panic! You are not having an identity crisis because you belong nowhere- you are conflicted because you are very much a bit of both- you are a millennial!

A world without smartphones is not completely unfamiliar to you 

Remember, when phones were very much a thing, but not in the same way smartphones are now? Though all generations are now addicted to the smartphone, you would probably remember that before you owned a smartphone, you had a tiny Nokia phone, with all your buttons and a proper keypad! If you find yourself relating to this and probably owned one of those phones, or used your parent’s phones which were like that, you are a zillenial! There is also a high probability that you played the snake game with much enjoyment on the phone!