5 Signs You Are Working Out Too Hard

Gathering up motivation for working out is difficult but some of you could be overdoing it!

While majority of the people, especially, beginners find it hard to muster up the motivation to work out every day, a few of us could be taking it overboard. That’s right! There is something called exercising too much. Working out is necessary, but overdoing it could do you more harm than good. Here a few signals from your body that’s asking you to stop overworking it.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Difficulty in sleeping is one of the major signs of overworking your body. Overtraining or over-exercising keeps your sympathetic nervous system working even while you are trying to rest. That means your stress levels remain high at a time they should hit the low. So, if you find yourself turning and tossing in your bed, you are working out too much.

Having a Bad Mood Post Workout

Exercises are meant to release stress busting hormones like serotonin and endorphins. You are left feeling good, energetic and rejuvenated. However, if you are feeling none of these, it’s because your body is tired. Feeling tired and having a bad mood after your workout session is not normal and is a sign of overtraining.

Feeling Bloated and Fat

Exercising makes you lose your fat while increasing your muscle mass. However, working out too much leads to fat storage at the cost of muscle wastage. It messes up the blood cortisol levels resulting in increasing fat disposition. In simpler turns you may feel like you are burning calories, but in reality you are burning calories from glycogen, glucose and your muscle mass. This makes you gain weight and not lose it.

Failing to Complete Your Workout Routine

If you are constantly failing in keeping up with your workout reps or completing your workout routines, it is because you are overdoing it. Getting weaker and slower while working out is setting your body in regressing indicating you are working out too much. This is because your body is exhausted and signaling you to stop and let it catch a break!

Unusual Sugar Craving

Our bodies crave sugar when our glycogen level is low or blood cortisol levels are high. So, if your find yourself reaching out for sweet treats more often than ever, it’s because you are working out too hard.

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