5 simple tips to get your picky eater to try new food

If your child is not getting excited by that new healthy recipe, you want him\her to eat. If you hear the word ‘yuck’ and ‘no’ frequently, then you are dealing with a picky eater. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can get your picky eater to try new things.

If you are getting frustrated by your kid refusing to try new food, then you are not only. Studies suggest that about 50% of parents have the same problem as you. We can understand as a parent that is quite concerning about your kid getting all the essential nutrition. But hang on there! There is still hope. There are specific ways you can motivate your child to try new food.

  1. Give importance to their opinion
Children, like many adults, if forced to do something, would do the opposite. Parents should let children try out, sniff out, taste out eatables, vegetables on their own. Chances are even if they spit out, they would give it a try again. Do not keep your eyes on their plate and sometimes try to create no pressure atmosphere around the dining table.
  1. Be a good role model
If you expect kids to eat broccoli while you are binging on a burger and cola, then the answer is no. You have to be a role model in front of kids and eat all those veggies and healthy grain you want to try. Let them take a bite from your plate. That is a wonderful way to experiment as well as share a meal with your child.
  1. Hide the veggies in an innovative manner
Does your child hate the very sight of the veggies? The remedy for this problem is very simple. Just hide it! Yes, for example, dice veggies in a small piece in their favourite burger.  Does your child love juice? Mix some veggies with usual fruits and have a glass of healthy veggie and fruit juice.
  1. Make the food look interesting
This tip works most of the time with children to get them to eat healthy and nutritious food. Experts suggest that kids most of the times are turned off by the sight of the food than taste. Presenting the food in a fun way can make all the difference. Make use of fun shapes and add vibrant colour to food to make them more appealing.
  1. Get them involved
Another way you can make Children interested in trying different food is by involving them in the process of purchasing and cooking. Take them to the supermarket or your local greengrocer and let them explore and purchase fruits and veggies to their choice. It would be best if you also involve kids in the preparation of meal by giving them simple tasks like washing the veggies, passing the ingredients etc. making it a fun activity and also get them interested in the new food.

No doubt teaching these ideas would take some time and lot of your patience, but allowing your child develop their taste bud in fun and the conducive way will help them as well as you in the long run.