5 skincare tips you should follow this summer

Summer takes a serious toll on your skin health.

Also, it can cause various skin issues in no time.

So, read ahead to learn some easy ways to get rid of those issues.

Summer is knocking on our doors, and a whole lot of skin issues are on the rise! The scorching heat, unbearable humidity, and severe air pollution all around wreak havoc on your skin’s natural glow, and make it dull and lackluster in appearance. Also, it can cause acne, pimples, tan, pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and several other critical issues.

However, it’s not much hassle to beat off the harmful effects of summer on your skin. All you need to do is make some little changes in your skincare regimen, and use the following tips on a regular basis.

Use a proper cleanser

It’s a no-brainer that you should not use the same cleanser when moving from winter to summer. The scorching heat makes oily skin oilier, and dry skin rough and extremely patchy. So, it’s recommended to use a gel-based, alcohol-free cleanser (foaming for oily skin and non-foaming for dry & combination skin) for your face twice a day.

Exfoliate your skin regularly

In summer, your skin pores might get clogged due to the accumulation of oil, dirt, and dead cells. This, in turn, increases your risk of developing various skin issues. Hence, do exfoliate your face and body at least twice a week. Make sure to use a light scrub and go gentle in order to avoid any side effects.

Keep your skin hydrated

Dehydration is a trigger of numerous skin issues, some of which can become critical in the long run. So, drink at least 5 liters of water every day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside. This will help wash out the toxins from your skin.

Moreover, you can use a facial mist, gel-based sheet mask, and hyaluronic serum for extra rehydration.

Never forget to apply sunscreen

Stepping out in sun without wearing sunscreen is highly detrimental to your skin health. This makes your skin exposed to the UV rays, which can result in issues like tan, wrinkles, fine lines, and more. Hence, do apply sunscreen (with SPF 30-60) every time you leave home.

Some beauty experts recommend using sunscreen even when staying indoors.

Don’t go heavy on makeup

The layers of makeup prevent your skin from breathing. The heat and humidity also affect the makeup, and combinedly ruin your skin’s overall health. So, regardless of the occasion, always say a big “no” to heavy makeup. Go light on your makeup, and make sure to remove it before sleeping.

You can use a light moisturizer, foundation, and tinted lip balm.

Along with a skincare regimen, you should also pay a closer look at your diet in the hot season. Avoid oily food and include lots of fruits & vegetables in your diet instead.

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