5 sock decor ideas for a cool bedroom

Socks, so we use, some we don’t. Here are a few ideas to get more use out of them!

Socks have their own use to keep your feet away from all the dust and keep them smooth and away from direct friction. But, instead of throwing away the ones that you don’t feel like using or even ones that you have never used, here’s a list of reuse ideas for socks to accessorize your bedroom with a new look.

Care to grow a plant?

This one, may seem too farfetched, but it’s not. Succulents are really easy to grow and maintain. Some of them can even survive within small rocks. Get some of these succulents, fill the sock with the rocks or gravels that go along with the succulent and you have a new item for your window side. Make sure to get a colourful sock for this to add some colour to this arrangement.

An affirmation line of socks

Sometimes in life we feel extremely morally down, one of the ways to get an uplifted mood is to take a walk down memory lane and remember all the good things that have happened to us. Just as you hang string light, get a string and add some unused socks on the string with clips. Now write down a few positive things that have happened to you till this day. Add one such note to each sock and you can hang this on the wall, whenever you feel down, you can reach for these. Until and unless you need them, they will stay hidden within the socks, waiting for you to take a walk down memory lane.

Hide some chocolates

It’s good to reward yourself from time to time. Get a few pair of colourful socks and add some notes of accomplishment on them and add a few chocolates within each. Whenever you reach for these chocolates you will be reminded of your accomplishments so far.

You don’t need a festivity to celebrate

Red socks have their way with the festive season, but their bright colours can really add a pop of vibrant mood to an otherwise dull room. Hang a string of red, green, yellow socks on a string light and put this on every night for a colourful and festive look.

Secret Santa came early this year

You have a party at home? Arrange for a treasure hunt and put gifts inside the socks and hide them in the bedroom. This little surprise gift can bring a sudden sense of achievement within guests and will affirm your path to a successful party.

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