5 spectacular art galleries in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city filled with incredible art scenarios.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, sees an enormous practice of art and culture. Aside from all the other tourist attractions, the city also houses a number of brilliant galleries that draw the attention of art enthusiasts from all around the world. The galleries host a plethora of art exhibitions throughout the year, that feature works of both the local and international artists. So, without a single doubt, no trip to the “City of Angels” is complete without exploring some of these magnificent sites. As there are many, here we have listed down the five most popular ones among all of those galleries in Bangkok.

Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre: The Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, opened in 2008, is the ultimate hub of all the creative people living in Bangkok city. Located near the National Stadium, the entire complex is spreading over 4000 square meters of land. It, along with hosting some amazing art exhibitions regularly, is also a hotspot for music, theatre performances and other cultural events. The complex is home to various shops, cafes and an equipped art library.

Bangkok CityCity Gallery: Located in the Sathorn district, Bangkok CityCity Gallery showcases the best of the contemporary art. It was founded in 2015 by Akapol Op Sudasna and Supamas Phahulo. The gallery, with a very minimalist structure, hosts various exhibitions featuring some unconventional paintings, photography, sculptures and even live performances. The place is very popular among the young artists of the city.

La Lanta Fine Art: La Lanta Fine Art, opened in 2006, has emerged as one of the most popular art galleries among the internationally renowned artists. It exhibits some brilliant contemporary artworks from Thailand along with various other countries such as England, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Denmark, Myanmar, Israel, Vietnam, US and more. Also, the gallery is an ideal place for the aspiring artists who want to showcase their talents in front of the world.

Museum of Contemporary Art: Museum of Contemporary Art, popularly known as MOCA, is the largest art museum in the city of Bangkok. Located in Chatuchak, the gallery showcases hundreds of art pieces from the collection of the renowned art enthusiast Boonchai Bencharongkul. Here, the visitors can explore some spectacular paintings and sculptures of the celebrated Thai artists including Lumpu Kansanoh, Denpong Wongsaroj, Thawan Duchanee and others.

Bangkok University Gallery: The Bangkok University Gallery, located near the Klong Toei port of the city, showcases some experimental multidisciplinary works of art by both the aspiring as well as established Thai artists. The gallery also features the works of artists from various other countries. It hosts around six to eight exhibitions and some interesting art projects throughout the year.

Some other popular art galleries in Bangkok are 100 Tonson, Nova Contemporary, Ardel Gallery of Modern Art etc.

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