5 Spine chilling urban legends of India to keep you up at night

We are here to tell you about 5 eerie urban legends of India.

We all craved ghost stories from our parents and grandparents during childhood even though some of us remained always interested surprisingly as grown-ups. India is full of wonder and beauty but deep down there are some spine-chilling stories that don’t come out every day.

(I) Monkey Man:

The creature “Kala Bandar” aka Monkey Man was first seen in the capital of India, Delhi. Not just seen but this beastly creature was jumping from roof to roof in the town and city areas of Delhi, people have also reported that they got scratched by this beast and where even pushed from the roof. Today it’s still a mystery and people still don’t know what exactly it was.

(II) Nale Ba:

This urban legend originated in Karnataka and it is said to be a ferocious witch or sometimes a male spirit who roams at night from house to house, calling people by their names. It is said that Nale Ba possesses the voice of the victim’s kin before calling so that he or she responds. If the victim responds he dies by vomiting blood. The word “Nale Ba” means ‘Come Tomorrow’. People write ‘Nale Ba’ on their doors so the spirit visits tomorrow rather and the cycle repeats.

(III) Lady in White:

Sanjay Van, a beautiful forest located in South Delhi is famous for its pleasant atmosphere but in the past few decades, visitors have spotted a lady in a white saree roaming in the woods and then suddenly disappearing. Not just this, people have also heard crying and laughter even when no one was there. Are you brave enough to visit this forest?

(IV) The mystery of Kuldhara:

Located in Rajasthan, this abandoned ‘ghost village’ was under the rule of Paliwal Brahmins who ended up putting a curse that no one will ever be able to reside in this village. Since then this village is carrying the curse and many tourists and paranormal teams have tried spending their nights, all of them reporting unknown whispers, shadowy figures walking here and there, and unknown touches of cold hands, some people even got chased by shadowy figures. This village is remaining inhabitable.

(V) Lakkidi Gateway:

In Kerala, this place is said to be haunted by a local tribesman, Karinthandan. During the colonial era in India, a British engineer took help from Karinthandan to find this gateway, to make sure no one else gets the credit, he brutally killed Karinthandan after getting help. Karinthandan’s spirit started to haunt the place until a local priest enclosed his spirit with a tree.

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