5 Steps to Learn to Speak Japanese Quickly

Feel the need to need the feel

Japan, one of the best places in the world, in terms of lifestyle, food, health and education. Japanese animation is famous all over the world which often sparks the interest within people to speak that which is being spoken so attractively in their favorite shows. In the light of such times, one might wonder as to how to quickly adapt to the speech if not the written language which quite frankly does look a bit complex. So here are some ways you can learn Japanese quickly.

Learn the culture : Japanese culture is a unique way of living. Their grammatical construct and speech have unique properties which – if understood – will ease out the learning process by a huge factor. For example, the simple use of ittekimasu which means “I shall go and return” and tadaima which means “I’m back” – before leaving and after returning has to do with their tradition of acknowledgement and respect for their family. When someone finds the beauty behind such gestures, a deep respect towards the language makes learning it easy and fun!

Feel the words: Our memory has more to do with emotions than intelligence. Every word in this world has a meaning. And every meaning means something to us because we as a species have the ability to feel them. Every word spoken has a specific tone and composure. Keenly listening to that will allow one to feel the spoken language. Sakura Hana will sound more beautiful than “Cherry Blossoms”.

Listen more : Listen to as much Japanese as humanly possible for someone not in Japan. Listen to the songs, pop, folk, classical and watch anime to your heart’s content. But this being said, not all genres of anime will allow you to speak proper Japanese. Watch the slice-of-life genre for this purpose.

Try to think in Japanese : While riding on your train of thoughts, try to see if you can fit some words which you have learnt so far into the sentences which you’re using to think of something. Use your emotions to see where a word seems to fit and then actually check the translator to see if you’re correct.

Speak the language, form a tribe : The best way to learn anything in this world is to emotionally connect with it.That is how you actively participate in the learning, sleep over it at night and find the want to use it somehow. Speak the language to teach it to your friends and also learn from them.

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