5 Steps To Save Your Bleached Hair

Bleached hair is always more fragile than natural hair, and if you have taken the decision of bleaching your hair, here are a few steps you must add to your haircare routine.

Once you decide to get your hair blonde chemically, there is no turning back. We can’t deny how well it changes your looks and makes you look absolutely ravishing, but it has its setbacks. The biggest is, it makes your hair lose its strength. If you have bleached your hair and you are thinking of ways to bring back your hair’s luster, here are a few steps you can incorporate to make it look healthy and shiny.

Step 1

Avoid doing dead ends. Based on the speed at which your hair is growing it may appear that your roots are expanding just after the last bleaching session. Since your ends are closest to the roots, they are in essence dead. When you apply chemical treatments to them, the dead ends get worse damaged and frayed. Thus, the next time you visit your hairstylist a visit, make sure you ask the stylist to take the ends free of foils.

 Step 2

Avoid heat. If your hair is bleached, you likely blow-dry or flat iron and curl it every day to display those gorgeous shining locks. Applying the heat in addition to bleaching hair regularly increases the damage. To properly take care of your hair that is bleached be sure to avoid using heating tools daily.

Step 3

Don’t wash your hair too often. It may sound disgusting however, it is actually effective. The less often you shampoo, the less frequently you’ll have to do it. In addition, the natural oils present that is present in your hair will help keep your hair healthy and protected from root to end.

Step 4

DIY hair conditioning treatments never let you down. The process of repairing your hair doesn’t need to cost you hundreds of dollars to visit an expert hairdresser. There are a few high-quality products available to restore the strength of your hair and restore it to its bleached state and also maintain that beautiful blonde shade.

Step 5

Tone up. As time passes bleached blonde hair will turn dull, brassy, and lose that shine. It’s inevitable. The best method to stop or reverse this is to use a color Enhancing shampoo or conditioner specially created to combat the brassiness


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