5 styles of shoes you must have to pick for a casual date

No not a pair of glass sandals, but a few staple shoes to fit into for a causal date!

Picking out a pair from the latest trend can be very tempting, but when it comes to shoes it is best to have some timeless pieces in store for casual dates. You never know when you make a sudden plan, and hence it is essential to keep a few pairs in store to use for those unplanned dates. Here we have a list of timeless pieces which will always be your go to for casual dates:

A great pair of pumps:

No matter your age, a pair of pump will always be an essential collection. This is mainly because these can be paired with a number of outfits. Whether you choose a OOTD that consists of a pair of jeans and t-shirt or a dress, pumps are your best friend in need. You can go for a red, black or neutral colour to be on the safe side or even a bright pair of yellow for adding a pop of colour to your otherwise neutral OOTD.

Flat sandals are a blessing:

If heels are not your go to, this is your best pick. Flat sandals come in various designs which can make a big difference to your outfit. Some have more of a glam look while some are more chic. It is best to have both kinds in store for a day out or a night out. They are easy to fit into and very comfortable to walk in.

Boots as a staple:

Another classic pick is a pair of boots. This one pick can never go wrong. A long pair of boots is always handy for a date not only in the winter but also can be styled with other attires throughout the year. These go well with dresses, shorts and trench coats.

Sneakers for a laid back look:

Dare to look chic with a pair of good sneakers? Yes, you can! This staple is for everyone. Whether it’s a summer dress or a pair of jeans, having a pair of sneakers is always a good idea. They give you the necessary comfort to walk freely and as much as possible with a very chic look.

A pair of statement shoes:

Now the style of a statement pair can vary from person to person. While some prefer a pair of statement heels, others go for ankle straps or even flats and ballerina flats. Take a gorgeous pair of whatever style makes you the most comfortable for a night out.

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