5 things to look for before renting a new place

Getting a new place for rent for yourself for the first time in life? These tips are made just for you!

Bills: When, how and how much?

A lot of amateurs make the mistake of jumping upon the first thing that they can find in the market. But remember, you need to know exactly how much you will need to pay every month, when you will need to make the payment every month and the transaction procedure through which this will happen. A lot of people tend to take these guidelines with a casual approach, but remember this is a financial responsibility and if you fail to pay your rent in time, you may land up with no shelter in the middle of the month. So ask these questions very specifically!

Meet the neighbours

You may feel like you don’t need to associate with people who live around you, but you never know when you need them. Always try to talk to the neighbours when renting out a new place. You can gather tons of information from them, get to know what they are like, what the landlord is like and what the neighbor is like. This will give you an understanding about the security of the place too.

Are there local amenities you can access?

Cheap rented place often give you a sense of security by lying about the nearest transportation system and other local amenities. Make sure that you check them out, look for the nearest gas station, supermarket, farmer’s market and all other amenities that you will need every week or even every day to calculate the time for commute to each.

Financial aspects of getting a place for rent

Find out if there is a holding deposit for the place. This is extremely crucial for you to understand how much of a down payment you will be making for the place and when and under what circumstances you will be able to get your holding deposits back.

Read the contract

Firstly, never get a place without a contract, you never know how this is going to play out for you in near future. Once you do get a contract read the terms and conditions carefully. Find out about water supply and maintenance costs and the space that you are renting. All such details are crucial to note before signing the papers. Many people simply rely on brokers and sign the papers in a hurry just to have a place as soon as possible. Make sure you read every term and condition to get your deposits back.

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