5 Things To Teach Your Kids By The Time They Are 10

The ultimate life skills your kids must master before they turn 11.

As a parent, you will leave no stone unturned to provide the best for your children. be it education, food or clothing, there is nothing you would settle for without making sure it’s the best. No matter how rewarding parenthood feels, you constantly question yourself if you are doing what is needed for your child. To make your work easier, here are some things you should teach your kids before they turn 10 that will help them grow up to be responsible human beings.

Preparing A Simple Meal-

An honest mistake we make is to keep our kids away from the kitchen. Even if you are scared that your child is too young to operate a knife and gas burner, you can always start with no fire cooking. Keep them practising cutting with chopping bananas, serving yoghurt, washing and peeling fruits, making a sandwich. There are the skills that will grow with them, and they will learn the importance of responsible cooking.

Using The Internet Wisely-

The internet is a whole bucket of information, and they should know how to access it safely. Make sure you monitor what they watch and who they talk to. Give them privacy but make sure they do not misuse it. Help them understand the importance of passwords, make friends with people they know in real life, and not trust people easily online. They should also realise the importance of keeping personal details private.

Doing The Laundry-

They might not be able to wash all their clothes themselves, but teach them to pick their clothes, put them in the washing machine and collect them from the drier. If you feel they need to learn the traditional style, you can ask them to wash things like their handkerchiefs.

Plant A Seedling-

Many preschoolers learn the art of planting from school. If you feel your child has a knack for it, you can arrange a special place in the garden for their sow plants. Planting teaches kids about patients and caring for plants which in turn comes handy as they grow up.

Writing Letters-

This is something that is lost in time. Teach your kids to make cards, write letters and post them. It will help bring kids to connect to each other the traditional way and keep and remember for a lifetime.

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