5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting an MRI

Scared about getting your first MRI done? Well, dread no more. Here are 5 pointers from specialists that will help you understand the method and prepare for it accurately.

Say you twist your ankle, and your orthopedic surgeon recommends you get an MRI examination. The thought of getting a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) might fill you with enigmas, and to be honest, gliding inside a case is not our absolute yearning.

Now while we do our meticulous analysis of how to prepare for an MRI, here are a few things you should grasp that will put you at ease and help your doctor get a better diagnosis of your infirmity.

  1. MRI is safe-

You can put all nightmare narratives behind you, MRI is designed to be safe. Even though it requires radio waves and operates with the magnetic field, your doctor will make you undergo a comprehensive safety screen process before they put you inside the machine.

  1. Stay Still-

Once you are inside the machine for a scan, no matter how much you want to twitch your body parts, abstain from any such actions. Moving will make the scan pictures obscure and vague. Keep a calm mind, and stay focused on getting your scan images taken without any fuss. It might not be possible to move much while you are in the tiny tunnel anyway.

  1. It won’t take long-

You might feel like you have been inside forever, but that’s not true. Depending on where you are getting examined, the duration stretches between 30-90 minutes. Remember to play possum while you are inside the machine to help in getting the precise scanned images.

  1. MRI is noisy-

Don’t be alarmed if it sounds like being inside a washing machine. MRI is loud and might scare you to a bit to be inside it. You will be provided with noise cancellation earplugs to tune the sound out, but whatever happens, make sure to stay still.

  1. Keep away from metal-

Metal and MRI are arch-rivals. Before you get a scan, make sure all your accessories and Knick knacks are put aside. If you have had any other surgery to get a metal cap implanted in your body, make sure you discuss that with your MRI technician.

Now you know what to expect from an MRI examination. You don’t have to fear it provided you get knowledge of the standard procedure beforehand. Keep a patient and clear mind, and do not be hasty about the process.

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