5 Things You Should Never Do When Angry

Succumbing to anger is ridiculous!

In any case, even if we are angry, we should all be aware of how to express anger. You should seek professional help immediately if you have a pattern of frequent occurrences of uncontrolled anger, such as vandalizing household items, physically abusing family members, or creating unpleasant situations. Don’t let anger just ruin your professional and personal life in any way. If you constantly treat your acquaintances and loved ones unsatisfactorily out of anger, you will gradually lose touch with everyone and become isolated from society. Therefore, it is wise to identify the problem in time and try to cure it.

First: Don’t let anger cause you physical harm

Anger, especially intense anger or long-term resentment – are both deadly to health. Severe anger results in faster breathing, abrupt increases in blood pressure, aggravated adrenaline and cortisol hormones, and, more importantly, increased risk of cardiac arrest. So it is very important to control anger. When angry, it is important to practice self-control to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Some of your conscious decisions made in the moment of anger can be especially effective in the process of dealing with your anger in a constructive manner.

Second and essential: Don’t go to sleep angry

When you go to sleep in a rage, the cause of the rage is ingrained in your mind. As a result, the incident is not easily forgotten.

Third, still important: Do not drive when angry

When we get angry, our common sense stops working completely and driving at that moment can be very dangerous for you and other people.

Fourth, must follow: Do not eat when angry

When we are angry, we usually eat in a hurry. So swallowing half-chewed food too fast can lead to digestive problems or food can get stuck in the respiratory tract while eating too fast. As a result, you may endanger yourself. So it is better to refrain from eating when angry.

Fifth, always remember: Do not cause physical suffering to anyone

Never do physical harm to your loved ones under the pretext of anger. If you have such a habit, immediately consult with a psychiatrist. No matter what causes your anger, you have no right to physically attack family members or friends. Never justify your abusive behavior under the guise of anger.

Debapriya Chakraborty

Author is an aspiring creative writer, food-buff and bookworm. Loves to travel, bunks in lesser known bnbs and loves her chai more than anything else. She adds her two cents to every idea and has been a scriber for more than a decade now!
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