5 tips to follow in a jungle safari

If you are planning for a jungle safari, read on to find out some simple tips that might make your trip more fun.

Escaping from the chaotic city life and getting lost amidst the hypnotic beauty of nature, a jungle safari is full of thrill, excitement and adventure. Witnessing wild animals in a natural habitat, seeing a variety of birds and enjoying the exotic flora and fauna etc. will give you an experience which you can cherish for lifetime. But for that, you need to follow certain tips to avoid any unwanted situation and make the most of your safari.

  1. Do proper research: The most important thing after selecting the destination is to do a proper research about everything before your trip. Read every book, article and blog about the place and know all the necessary things such as distance, weather, routes, local rules and regulations etc. Also, make a plan, set down a budget and be prepared for what you are going to experience in your safari.
  2. Pack wisely: This is extremely important as you need to pack light and also, include all the essential things in your backpack. Avoid carrying unnecessary items like music player or beauty products and carry only the necessary things such as id proof, booking confirmation letter, binoculars, camera, cap, sunscreens, antiseptic cream, important medicines, water bottles, snacks, power bank etc.
  3. Carry some cash: While jungle safari is full of enjoyment, some things might not go according to the plan and lead you to an unwanted situation. As it’s a fact that digital payment does not work everywhere, carrying some cash will help you to handle all those situations in an easier way.
  4. Dress appropriately: Remember that jungle safari is not like any other trip where you have to look fashionable. So, do not go for your favourite outfit and dress up wisely. Wear clothes that cover your full body and provide you comfort. Pick clothes with colour such as green, brown, khaki etc. that easily mix with the surroundings. Also, pick lightweight clothes, dress in layers and avoid wearing jewelry.
  5. Follow the safari rules: In a safari, you have to maintain certain rules and regulations to ensure safety. Listen to your guide carefully and don’t do anything out of excitement. The list includes:
  6. i) Do not use mobile phones.
  7. ii) Stay away from animals and say ‘no’ to littering.

iii) Do not speak loudly.

  1. iv) Do not drink or smoke.
  2. v) Do not feed the animals and birds.
  3. vi) Do not get off your car.

vii) Leave the forest on time.

So, follow these basic tips and enjoy your jungle safari to the fullest.

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