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5 Traditional Holi Recipes That Will Take You Back To Childhood!

Desserts are an inseparable part of the festival Holi, and the mention of some of them will bring back memories of your childhood. Read on to know them all.

Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, is a fantastic holiday that always makes us nostalgic for good times and delicious treats. In this article, you'll discover a delicious Holi party lunch menu, as well as a fantastic assortment of sweets & snacks you may cook for your Holi celebration.


Made from Khoya, flour, semolina, shredded coconut, dried fruits, and condensed milk, Gujiya is a popular fried pastry. You can always count on being impressed by its simple flavors and pleasant scent. The recipe is easy enough to create at home during Holi, and the result is a deliciously sweet treat that the kids were sure to enjoy.


Classic Indian dessert MalpuaRabri is notable for its luxuriously smooth, creamy, nutty flavor and texture. Malpuas, a type of Indian donut, are dipped in sugar syrup and served with a dollop of Rabri. It's something you and your loved ones can indulge in any time of the year. On the other hand, it tastes great as a dessert after a big lunch.


Thandai, traditionally prepared with nuts, seeds, & spices, is a sweet, fragrant, and traditional Indian beverage. It's a sweet milk drink reserved for the most festive of occasions. Holi and Shivaratri are only two of the many celebrations where this is prepared. While milk is traditionally used in Thandai, you can substitute condensed milk for its traditional milk as the major component. It improves the drink's texture and flavor to the point that everyone will want more.


No Indian festival or party would be complete without GulabJamun. As the centerpiece of any Indian celebration, this sweet treat dish is sure to wow guests. It's not just reserved for special occasions like holidays and birthdays; it's also enjoyed whenever the mood strikes. Flour, paneer, sooji, icing sugar, baking soda, sugar, & condensed milk are just some of the commonplace materials you'll need to make these delicious treats at home.


Rasmalai is chenna (chickpea) balls that have been soaked in fragrant milk. It's a classic treat that can be found in grocery stores and bakeries all around the country. Although Rasmalai's roots are in Bengali cuisine, you can now find it at virtually any celebration or event in India. This dessert is simple to prepare at home and will be enjoyed by both adults and children because of its appealing texture and flavor. So, why are you still delaying? Grab an apron and whip up this sweet treat for the Holi celebration.