5 types of cloth prints that suit all body types

Here are five types of cloth prints for your wardrobe no matter your size or shape!

It doesn’t matter what body shape you have, if you choose these specific cloth prints you don’t have to think much while shopping. Rather than the color of your outfit prints and patterns matter a lot, it gives your outfit style and personality with more perfection. Here’s a list of those 5 prints that suit every body shape.

Fall printed dress

For a beautiful summer look, fall printed dresses are perfect and these prints suits all body types with some style twists in it, for a lady with hourglass body shape both long and short dress with fall prints gives a harmonic look, visual illusion prints mostly in short dresses fits perfect in rectangular body shape, long dresses with crowded prints gives a good volume in pear body shape and triangle body shape also inverted body shape looks more attractive with mid lengths, fall prints with small and detailed prints to knee length gives the curvy body shape a gorgeous look.

Shift dresses with small prints

A shift dress usually fits well with every body shape. These dresses usually come with discreet necklines and a very low amount of prints. It is a simple outgoing dress which looks perfect in every body shape with belts or blazers. Shift dresses are easy to wear because they can be dressed at will.

Bright printed dresses

For any special day it is important to feel comfortable and confident in your dress and bright printed dresses are exactly what you need to make your day easy and classy at the same time. Bright prints are always eye-catching and seek attention in gatherings or parties. Every body shape fits well in bright prints because it highlights well.

Striped print

Striped prints are well known as office outfit and it doesn’t specify particular body shape, striped print with gentle color combination gives an illusion of balance. Horizontal stripes are very suitable for every type of body shape of women. Whereas a vertical striped dress mostly looks good on curvy body shapes.

Polka dots

Dresses with polka dots come with different sizes of polka dots and this is the reason why this print is famous. For every body type there are varieties of polka dots that can give you an easy warming look. Choosing a polka dot pattern for your body type has to be perfect or else the wrong pattern can make you feel unsuitable for your body.

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