Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 types of dresses that every woman should have

These five dresses can make or break your game in fashion. 

Comfortable and gorgeous, dresses are a must-have for every girl. A piece of clothing is hard to find that is so versatile, from formal to parties, a dress can elevate your look at any occasion. But when it comes to buying a dress we often get spoilt for choices as there are so many types. Where every dress has its purpose, these five dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Sheath dress

Suppose you are looking for something you can both wear in formal events to casual get-togethers, then a sheath dress is the best option. Sheath dresses look conservative yet feminine and look good on everyone regardless of their body type.  It is a straight-cut dress with a nipped at the waist, finishing right by the knees. You can style it with a blazer for any formal occasion, and for a casual event, you can simply accessories it with jewellery and a good pair of heels.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are meant for casual events, especially for parties. It is more practical and comfortable than long gowns as it doesn't block your movements on the dance floor, and you can spend the time carefree. Most cocktail dresses are above the knee length and have different necklines and sleeves. It looks good in all body types.

Maxi Dress 

A  maxi dress is the best suitable for a vacation or a casual day out; the flowy, comfy floor touching dress is the perfect outfit for a relaxed day. Though people have this conception that long dresses are meant for tall women, this is not true. Maxi's dress looks fantastic on everyone and often gives an illusion of a tall and slim figure. Petite women should choose cut-out or gradient maxi dresses; the best fit for plus-sized women is straight-cut gowns with a noticeable waistline.

A-Line Dress

A-line dresses are called A-line due to their shape. It fits at the hips and gradually flares out towards the hem, making the dress look like an "A" shape. This can be used as a semiformal dress which can be wear on any occasion except too formal events. It seems the best on pearl-shaped bodies as it highlights their shoulders and adds a feminine touch to their lower half.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are body-hugging dresses made up of stretchable materials that take your body's shape and highlight your curves. It can be wear on casual occasions like parties or dinner dates. This dress is ideal for those with an hourglass figure, as it flatters their beautiful curves.