5 Underwater Cities That You Can Visit

There is a whole different world under the ocean and it is not just limited to beautiful corals and mysterious marine creatures. You might not believe it, but there are cities underwater that you can actually visit! We have all heard stories about cities that have sunk under the oceans for millions and millions of years. While some of them are fictional, there are real cities underwater too that have now become popular tourist destinations.

Shicheng, China

Lake Qiandao of China holds under its waters the ruins of the cities that once happened to be a part of Chun’an and Sui’an. It is believed that in 1957, the towns sunk under water when the government built a hydroelectric power project in the cities. The remains of the city below the water contains an impressive gateway that has mythological figures carved as well as arches belonging to the Qing dynasty.

Sant Roma de Sau, Spain

Sant Roma de Sau is a village in the Osona area of Catalonia, Spain that has entirely gone under water. Originally, the village had a Romanesque church, a bridge and houses all of which are now under water. However, you can still see the bell tower of the church as it emerges up when the reservoir runs low. The ruins of the village can be visited during drought periods with no water around.

Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal is Jamaica’s one of the oldest regions rich in history and heritage. However, the city is partially submerged under the city. Popularly known as the “Sodom of the New World”, part of Port Royal went under the sea after a tsunami hit the city in 1692. Although the city under the water has not been under the best of maintenance, it is still a popular destination with the tourists.

Pavlopetri, Greece

Known for being the oldest city underwater, Pavlopetri is a city on the southern coastline of Greece’s Lakonia. The city is believed to have sunk under water a flooding incident approximately 5000 years ago. It is a complete city underwater with buildings, gardens, streets and even tombs.

Kalyazin, Russia

The submerged city of Kalyazin in Russia is easy to spot with its cathedral belfry standing high above water. In 1940, the Uglich reservoir construction flooded the city pushing it under water. However, the population was relocated to higher grounds.

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