5 Unique Ways Of Using Tea Leaves

Hail all tea lovers who couldn’t go one day without devouring cups of tea. Here are some unconventional use of tea leaves you could use!

Tea is not a beverage; it’s an emotion. It stays with us through the winter mornings, lazy afternoon and rainy evenings. There is nothing a good cup of tea couldn’t solve. And now for the tea leaves. Most people unfamiliar with tea leaves would discard the residual leaves right after having it strained, but here is where we come in! Ready to know all the uses of tea leaves? Here we go!

Homemade Body Spa-

Why discard them when tea leaves are the perfect elements to accompany you to the bath? Have g strained your ta leaves for a cup and collect the residues. When it’s time for a bath, dip them from within a cloth and see your bathtub change into a big cup of tea! Not only does it smell and look gorgeous, it is the best antioxidant treat to present to your body. You can try it with all kinds of tea you drink, including green tea, black tea, herbal and white tea.

Face Mask-

Tea is the perfect ingredient to rejuvenate your skin. If you feel using it instantly from the infuser is too chunky on your skin, you can blend it and use the paste as a homemade face mask. Add a teaspoon of baking soda, coconut oil and honey to whip up the perfect ingredients to make your skin glow. After you wash it off, you can use ice tea water as a toner to seal your pores and keep your skin polished.

Sugar Scrub-

Add a tablespoon of sugar and dried tea leaves and mix it with coconut oil. The scrub improves your circulation and keeps your pores clean and soft. The coconut leaves exfoliate and nourish your face while keeping it smooth and glowing.

Eye Treatment-

Wait till you hear this! Tea leaves are better than cucumbers when it comes to soothing eyes! You can use a muslin cloth and used tea leaves. Ensure the tea bag is moistened, place it on your eyes, and sit relaxed for 15 minutes. It will take away all your puffiness and keep them fresh.


Nothing like a relaxing foot massage after a long day! Get yourself spoons of used tea leaves and soak your feet in them to give you a fresh feeling.

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