5 Vocal Warm-Up Lessons Which The Kids Should Try

Nourish voice from early age

If we think of our vocal chords as an instrument, not just a part of the body, then we must take regular care of it and make it work properly. And there is no substitute for regular vocal warm-ups. Regular vocal warm-ups are especially important for children as it makes their lips and tongue more flexible. Here are 5 vocal warm-up lessons below which are very beneficial for children

Variable Body Movements :  You will be surprised to hear that body movement is the first step of vocal warm-up. We often shake the body in various ways while singing, shake hands, raise our hands a little to set the melody in the upper notes and so on. Let the kids do these body movements. Add more if possible such as teaching them to do marching so they can get an idea of ​​the rhythm, teach them to stretch the body, bend the knees and straighten.

Voice Stretching By Sighing : This is a very fun warm-up lesson for kids that they will have fun doing and will be eager to do. First, tell them to create big sighs. This will indicate in which scale they are comfortable to sing. This is how vocal teachers usually adjust the scale of children.

Warm-Up By Pronouncing ‘Meow-Meow’ And ‘Yum’ : This warm-up is so perfect for your kids. Select any base scale and select any five tones in descending. Then ask the kids to sing those sounds in the right tone and with the pronunciation of ‘Meow’ or ‘Yum’. This is how you keep raising the scales one by one and then keep lowering them.

Making Noises As Sirens : Sounds like a siren in a fire truck or a police car, which is also very interesting and effective for children. Select any one melody on the lower scale. Then slowly move it to the top note, pause, and then bring it back to the bottom note in the same way. Ascending and descending in this way, keep raising the notes one by one, they keep lowering the melody again from a certain scale where your kids can give the highest note.

Warm-Up With Numbers And Alphabets :

There are seven different names for seven pure tones, but your kid may not be able to remember them very quickly or it may take time. No worries, they can sing by putting 123 numbers in those tones or by putting ABC alphabets. It works as a perfect alternative and also eliminates boredom.

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