5 Ways In Which The Harry Potter World Has Been Kept Alive

“You’re a wizard Harry!” – Hagrid( Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

This is perhaps the most iconic, life-altering phrase uttered in a fiction of this generation. Why? Because it marked the beginning of a journey of Harry Potter and his friends at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which involved adventures, Quidditch matches, encounters with magical creatures, and ultimately a full-fledged battle against the evil wizard, Voldermort! Long after the films and books have been released, its fandom persists, subsisted by spinoffs, fan-fiction, videogames, and exhibitions of its film sets. As the Harry Potter films turn 20 in the upcoming year which will be marked by a T.V reunion, here is a reflection of ways in which the Harry Potter world has been kept alive!

Spin-off books, plays, and films-TextBooks and story books that were read by the characters in the narrative such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, Tales of  Beedle the Bard, and QuidditchThrough the Ages have been written as real books which can be read and enjoyed by fans. Fantastic Beasts has also been made into a film series, of which two parts have been released till now. A play called The Cursed Child has also been produced, whose script has been released as a book for fans to enjoy.

Harry PotterVideo-Games– Games such as Hogwarts Mystery , Wizards Unite and others were introduced which allow an exploration of the Harry Potter world, and encompass a process of re-exploring the stories in a fresh way. The Hogwarts Mystery Game involves intricate visual details which are clearly inspired from the films, and bear an uncanny resemblance to the sets.  Wizards Unite is an engrossing mission which requires players to cast spells and release different characters and creatures storied in Harry Potter books, from “Confoundables ” and restore them to their original place in the Wizarding world.

Realistic exhibits– Various exhibits in London and America have been established. A shop, called Platform 9 ¾ is located in King’s Cross station, London which is described in the book as the platform from which Harry and his friends boarded the Hogwarts Express. This shop contains Harry Potter souvenirs inspired from the books. Complementing this is the Warner Bros studio exhibition, which contains the sets, props and costumes from the original films.  Special exhibits include the Great Hall, the Mirror of Erised, and the set of Diagon Alley! Hungry visitors can even visit the café, which serves Butterbeer and Fire-whiskey, which were drinks storied in the Harry Potter books.

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