5 ways minimalism keeps you away from overspending

Nothing stops impulse buying as good as minimalism!

Advertisers go out of their ways to convince you to spend your hard earned bucks on latest gadgets, beauty products and what-not. To ensure that you have a strong financial life you need to have a few good spending habits. But often the advertisements focused on us are too talented to overlook and we get trapped in the web of consumerism. Here’s how minimalism stops you from overspending:

Stops advertisers from gaining control on your cheque book- One of the basic formulas of minimalism is to stop issuing cheques you can’t afford. This idea develops a habit to gain control over your cheque book which advertisers often gain leverage on.

Helps in recognizing the overhyped nature of current consumption – Minimalism in its nature is anti-over consumerism. Hence it has an inherent tendency to modify human behaviour in a way to eliminate the overhyped craze of consumerism.

Eliminates the struggle to fulfill emotional needs with products – The internal need to satisfy one’s desire is what advertisers back their ideas on. Minimalism challenges this thought process from an ideological standpoint wherein you do not have to buy more products to feel good and satisfied about oneself. Minimalism addresses this effect of consumerism headfirst. It is developed on a thought process that human connections are essential in comparison to consumption of products.

Minimalism addresses emotional needs in a different perspective – As a part of the minimalist philosophy, buying less things is not as challenging a task than letting go of things you already own. It promotes an idea to eliminate products which you do not use and make space in your life for more important things to invest your money.

Time vs Money – One of the core ideological debates is on consumerism. While minimalism does not promote consumerism, it is not completely against it. What it does promote is a healthy utilization of time and money by investing in multipurpose products and services. It promotes utilization of modern appliances which can save time and be used for a long time instead of satisfying your short term desires. This makes a strong case for purchase of things with higher longevity although less in number.

These are just some of the basic ideals that minimalism stands on. These core foundations have brought about quite a bit of change in the world of consumerism. It promotes and develops a set of thought processes and habits that can revolutionize the way we think about products.

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