Published By: Sougata Dutta

5 Ways To Be Easy With People And Breaking Your Barriers

Let in comments, ideas, and opinions except judgement or offence without being judgemental. 

Most people admire those people who maintain their cool and just take anything thrown at them. Have you ever questioned how to keep going and smile through difficult times? Maybe you have not been born with a laid-back attitude, however you can adopt one by altering the way you perceive and respond to the world around you. Learn how to take lifestyles in stride and improve the easy-going attitude you long for.

Stop Being Stressful About What Other People Think

Being self-conscious about who you are and what you are doing will in no way result in a care-free lifestyle. Easy-going humans focus on their personal desires and happiness, not what other people think. If you have to live your lifestyles to be aware about what you say or how you look, you will miss out on all the possibilities to bask in self-love and acceptance. Overcome the dependency. Each time you seize your thoughts going into the direction.

Put A Big Smile On Your Face

As it may sound, the simple act of letting sides of your facial muscles can give a boost to someone else’s day. Like a yawn, it is highly contagious. Even if the smile isn’t genuine, a fake one can lift your own mood. Fake it til you make it.

Handle Problems Like a Pro

An easy-going man or woman doesn’t become overwhelmed or bogged down through life’s problems. People with laid-back attitudes understand all too well that even the worst troubles are temporary. If you frequently overreact in the face of issues, it’s time to sit back and relax. Instead of stomping off in anger or frustration or jogging what went wrong through your head over and over, take a deep breath. Hold it, and then launch the air through your mouth for a few counts. Repeat this till you feel calm and able to view the trouble more objectively.


Accept that "This, too, shall pass" by repeating the phrase to yourself each time you stumble upon a problem that causes you to choose to overreact. Remember that you don’t own all the troubles of the world.

Self Realisation

Practice mindfulness to help keep emotional composure. Let in comments, ideas, and opinions except judgement or offence. Realize that these are a reflection on the man or woman saying them and have little to do with you personally. Remind yourself that you are ready and capable to deal with life’s troubles as they arise.