5 ways to cope with failure

These five steps will help you come out of the fear of failure

Failure is a part and parcel of life, the soon we realise that the better it is for us. Although we all try to succeed in whatever we do, the fact is failure is inevitable.  At some point in time, at something, we are bound to fail, as we are only humans, we are imperfect.  But Where most people see the negative and dark side of failure, very few people can appreciate the brighter side of it and those are the people who can achieve peace of mind. You might be thinking of a word that has ‘fail’ in it. How can it be positive? Believe it or not, but failures are the best teachers in life. Nothing can teach you better than experiencing a failure. That is why in some job interviews, people with lower grades are more favoured than a person with higher grades because they believe the person who doesn’t have a taste for failure is not suitable to handle a crisis and overcome it. That’s why there is a famous saying that to taste success you have to first taste failure. Thus, it is very much important for us to have a positive attitude towards the idea of failure, and should not get sad or depressed from it. We need to overcome the fear of failure and these five ways will help us to do so.

Embrace your emotions

The first and foremost thing that you need to do after experiencing a failure is that you should embrace all the emotions you are feeling and get over them. Many times we are in denial when it comes to being emotional and that helps that emotion to last long. So if you want to move forward and achieve the goals you have to embrace your emotions and get over them.

Don’t be irrational

Failure often makes us think that we are bad or that we will never succeed. Or we think no one will like us if we fail. All these irrational thoughts are natural but are pointless and do more harm than good. These beliefs are inaccurate, and they can prevent us from doing things where we might not succeed. So we should stop thinking about these things and focus on our long term goals.

Get inspirations

Looking into other people’s failures may seem a bit shallow in the first place, but it is not their failure that you look for but the part where they overcome it. These stories are something that you will find relatable and inspirational. Such stories will make you understand how a person’s failure is the beginning of their success.

Acknowledge your weakness and work on it

The best way to turn your failure into a success story is by working on your weaknesses. Find those grey areas where you need to brush up your skills, find the loopholes and just work towards it. Don’t think of the outcome much, just try to improve those areas and keep your long term goal in your mind.

Don’t hideaway

Most of the time failures come with guilt, embarrassment and shame, but don’t let it come between your goals. Embrace your emotion and accept the fact,  don’t hide away from people thinking of what they will think about you. The more you hide away the more the emotions will stay with you. Just be yourself and be confident, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Failure is a part of life and everyone faces it. It has nothing to do with what you are and your capabilities. Also, you can miss out on different opportunities if you hide away from socializing.

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