Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 ways to effectively voice out your opinion

These five steps are the way to make an impact through your opinion.

There is a theory in communications known as the spiral of silence which states that people have a tendency of remaining silent when they feel that their views are in opposition to the majority view on a subject. And this is due to their fear of isolation and negative consequences. But this too comes with a cost. You have to suppress your emotions, support something that you absolutely can’t stand and even sometimes have to deal with troubles.  Where just standing by your beliefs would have made a difference. But if you look at a bigger picture, a change often takes place from small initiatives. So if you really believe in a cause, or want others to know the other side of the story, you need to speak up. Who knows you may get enough support from the fellow minority, but if you can’t voice your opinion, you will never get to know them. But more than anything voicing out your opinion gives you inner peace and gives you some sort of satisfaction and confidence to move forward. So next time if you feel unheard, a voice out your opinion, will help you and others. And here are five effective ways to do so.

Be confident

The best way to be heard is by being confident enough in what you believe. Do thorough research and get all your facts double-checked and then present your statement. You need to back your statements with facts and proof, otherwise, no one is going to take you seriously. And when you know you have all the required facts to support you, you will yourself feel much more confident.

Ask questions

One good way to get heard is by asking questions. It puts the majority in a position where they need a proper justification to prove their point. And from your part, it will show that you are attentive, engaged and interested in the subject and really want a solution out.

Call out the Elephant in the room

This is the most effective way to get your voice heard. If you see there is a serious and controversial issue that everyone is avoiding, see that as an opportunity. Bring it up with your thoughtfulness and make a memorable impression. In this way, you will come out courageous and truthful, which is a good quality to have if you need support for a cause.

Admit Blame

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that, whenever you are voicing out, you are in a position of objection and even getting blamed. So be prepared for it. Whenever you get blamed, if you think they are right, then accept it. Don’t try to dodge it or put it on others. Accepting blames shows your truthfulness, confidence and courage at the same time

Be Calm and Patient

The most important step in voicing out your opinion is to stay calm and patient. In an argument, or a meeting or a debate, if you don’t listen to others and don’t let others speak then, you lose all your points then and there. If you want to come out as confident, smart, knowledgeable and want to turn it in your favour, you have to be calm and have to wait for your turn to speak.