5 ways to jazz up brand’s Instagram feed

The proper arrangement of the brand image as a whole builds a deep impression on the prospective patron, when your target audience visits your account.

Identify your core filters

A successful social media feed idea needs to have the power of consistency, pick your core filter for all your posts and stick with it. You can surely apply your personalised touch by adding catchy interactive stickers and provide your social media feed a cohesive appearance and feel. Select a perfect theme as well as colour that effectively work for the business as well as provide your feed with that attractive look.

Font is essential

Beyond selecting the colour scheme as well as the right image for the brand feed, you always need to make sure that the typography of the post is always on point. Please don’t listen to the rumours, the brand feed does not necessarily have to be sophisticated typography, with the perfect inspiration, the simplest text tools could make your post pop and help in building brand consistency.

Right illustration for the graphics

You need a good illustration in order to complement your graphic. Renowned brands utilise their Instagram account for showcasing their beautiful illustrations as well as art in their feed. The perfect illustration makes an image more expressive.

Integrate the images of your brand

At the core of the social media visual branding is gathering creative methods to incorporate the logo of the company into the images you post. You could surely simulate this through utilising an image symbolic for the company’s brand, or one can solely use their brand logo.

Collage is trending

In order to showcase the pictures in your social media page regarding the events, corporate social responsibility activities or the seminars your company is hosting or performing, collage is one of the effective visually exciting ways to accelerate your Instagram feed. Additionally, you could surely use grids to portray picture sets based on the same subject captured from various different perspectives. No matter, if you layer the images or utilise the grid based layout, collages could act as a wonderful Instagram feed idea, it will help your brand to show off multiple products or offers at a time.

Getting started with effectively branding your Instagram feed could be a daunting task, getting the perfect guide and inspiration is essential. Select your favourite ideas from the above 5 tips to grab the attention of your customer.

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