Published By: Rinks

5 Ways To Maintain Your Hair Colour

We all like a dash of colour on our hair to make the hair look trendier. However, it turns dry and rough for most of us after a few days. Here is how to maintain your hair colour the right way.

Over 5,000 chemicals are packed into hair colour to ensure you get the desired effects. However, as hair colouring is a destructive process against your hair's natural state, you must take certain precautions before, through, and after the procedure. A platinum blonde or a vibrant red colour may look amazing, but if you want it to endure and maintain your hair's health, you should know what to do and avoid. Here are five causes of premature colour loss.

Colour-treated hair maintenance

The first time you dye your hair you should wait at least two days before washing it. Because newly dyed hair remains extremely delicate, further washings might cause the colour to fade more quickly.

Select the appropriate hair masks

Do yourself a favour and apply a hair mask to your hair right away To get your hair ready for its next colouring, use a hair mask to give it a nourishing, strengthening treatment.

Protect your hair from UV rays

Sun and heat can fade your colour. Therefore it's important to use treatments that offer UV protection. Also, find ones that can stay in your hair for an extended period.

Wash your hair with cold water

Maintaining healthy, lustrous hair may be as simple as rinsing it with colder water. However, your hair will get dry and lose its colour if you wash it in hot water, as the cuticles will open.

Use a dry shampoo that won't affect your hair colour

Try to limit how often you wash your hair. You may have noticed a bit of the colour leaking out into the water when washing it. Use a dry shampoo suitable for colour-treated hair when you don't wash it to maintain your hair's shine and health.

Apply conditioner

After dying your hair, you should always use a deep conditioner. This is because dyeing your hair causes it to lose a great deal of moisture. Avoiding conditioners will result in dull, lifeless hair that cannot hold its colour or lustre.

Don't use heating tools

You shouldn't use heat styling equipment on your hair after dying it. Coloured hair will fade in as little as 5 seconds when exposed to heat from styling appliances. This occurs because most people set their ovens to 400 degrees, which diminishes your hair colour if you dye it.

Avoid swimming pools

Hair dyes are chemical products that react to other chemicals, such as chlorine, in swimming pools. Chlorine can act as a bleach, lightening your hair colour temporarily before it gradually fades.