5 Ways To Make A Birdhouse Out Of Household Items

The cutest ideas to landscape your garden with a birdhouse that you can make all by yourself!

The only thing cuter than a birdhouse is a bird, and when a little birdy comes flying in the small house that you built for them, your heart is bound to melt. Take your little carpenters box out for here are the most creative birdhouses, to begin with, and all it needs is the waste materials already present at your home!

  1. Twig Birdhouse-

The most natural-looking birdhouse made simply out of twigs collected from your backyard. You would need a strong glue and a cardboard box to create the base of the house. Line the twigs on the chest and add a cute roof. Leave the front door ajar for little birdies to hop in. make sure you hang it under a shade to protect it from rain and storm.

  1. Bamboo Birdhouse-

If you happen to have a cylinder remain of bamboo, do not throw it away! Drill a hole big enough for a bird to get in, add a little roof, and you are good to go. The sturdy structure will not break apart in years to come and is weather resistant. You can also paint it in bright colours to make the birdhouse even more attractive on your porch.

  1. Milk Carton Birdhouse-

Why throw away the millions of milk cartons when you can line them up for the birds! If you have a big shady tree in the backyard, hang them up in a bunch for the little birds to come and rest in them. The bright-coloured boxes will brighten up the look of your garden immensely!

  1. Coconut Shell Birdhouse-

There is nothing like using the earthly feels of coconut shells dangling on your porch, functioning as the ideal bird feeder. You will just need sandpaper to smoothen the surface, cut the crust entirely in half, drill holes and tie them up with strings to let smaller birds rest in them ideally.

  1. Old Plastic Bottle Birdhouse-

We always want to discard the plastic bottles without piling them in the junk, and making a little birdhouse out of it is the best outcome it can have. All you need is a big bottle to stay stable, safety scissors to cut a hole through and some paint to keep it attractive!

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