5 ways to make your Sunday brunch a healthy choice

Forget the most important meal of the day with a healthy brunch


Whoever usually follows a healthy routine says that breakfast is our most important meal to start a healthy day but they should try to experience Sunday brunch. Sunday is the day where we spend some quality time and take breaks from our daily routine so why not experience it with some healthy food and closest friends or family. Most Sundays are for those chores which you couldn’t do on weekdays so if you want to finish them on the weekend then you must save your time and skip to a healthy brunch. Here are some brunch menus you can make at home to spend an otherwise lazy sunday with your loved ones.


1.    Pancakes: Fluffy, sweet, thick quintessential American dish pancakes are one of the healthy foods like brunch and it’s everyone’s favourite. You can eat them with maple syrup or fruits or chocolate sauce and it would tantalize your taste buds instantly.


2.    Whole wheat pasta with white sauce: If you don’t want to have a fully packed meal but you still want to eat something tasty then vegetarian pasta with white sauce or the mushroom sauce would be perfect, it will give you a mouthwatering essence and it’s full of nutrition. 


3.    Spinach with feta crepes: It’s a thinner version of a pancake and the crepes you can make sweet as well or savoury, make the filling with a variety of fillings but spinach would be a very healthy choice. 


4.    Panzanella: If you are on diet and maintaining your weight and still want to eat something

Mouth refreshing then Panzanella a quick and easy to make salad would be ideal. Use fresh tomatoes, Tuscan bread, some cucumbers and a preferred amount of tossed veggies to garnish it.


5. Bruschetta: This one is a simple small meal and you can easily make it for your friends and family, all you have to do is smear the bruschetta bread with some butter, hummus or tomato paste or you can use sandwich spread and some cherry. 


6. Smoothie bowls: Too tired to even heat up the oven, get a blender and get going. Add your favourite seeds, flax, chia or pumpkin, toss a few bananas, apple, peanut butter and some toned milk or greek yogurt. Sprinkle chocolate or coconut shavings on top and a few fruit slices and enjoy your healthy and fresh bowl of goodness.


Sunday brunch is a good time for our family and friends and loved ones to bond with each other and all these delicious brunch recipes will make your work easier and you can have memorable moments on your Sundays. Relax on your Sundays with a healthy brunch.

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