Published By: Jayati


Five great methods to interact with passive-aggressive people in your life!

Passive-aggressiveness is very common among the current generation with problematic upbringing. Suppressing the agony with a smiling face is very common nowadays, be it in workplace 9r personal life. Even though too much of it can problematic in any kind of relationship, dealing with and making amends with passive aggressive people might be easier than you think. Here in this article we will discuss five great ways to manage passive-aggressive people in your life.

Don't Assume Things

Making wild assumption while talking to passive-aggressive persons can backfire in huge way. Never tell him that they're being passive-aggressive as an accusation, as this is not a disorder, and can happen to anyone. On the other hand, randomly showing them sympathy saying whether they're upset or everything will be alright might make them agitated inside and the frustration increases.

Try to Interact More & Find Solutions in Sync

Pushing away someone who is showing passive-aggressiveness can be destructive. Instead of staying silent, open up to them, try to be interactive. You can meet and talk in detail about what's bothering them, and also try to make plans that will give a solution to the relationship. These plans can work amazingly, or can fail too. However, the support and trust that shows while doing this collaborative process, builds a sense of recognition in them. That sense can help them open up a lot to you.

Be Polite While Interacting

Don't act harshly or annoyingly with them. It might put them off and the wall inside them might increase. The politeness and supportive tone of talking might make them feel happier, and they can let you in their mind and heart. The communication improves a lot.

Be Their Safe Place

Individuals who display passive-aggressive behaviour often become like this due to the lack of a companion with whom they share pent-up feelings, or even just snippets of their daily life. Assure them that you won't judge them and stay by their side irrespective of their problems or past traumas. Always want to know their side of a discussion. That will help them to be a person who is willing to share instead looking things up inside their mind.

Patience is the Key

Be patient with them, and show caring signs. Passive-aggressive persons behave like this due to traumatic childhood or excessive bullying, that's why it might take time to shake off the past and become a genuinely cheerful person who likes to talk openly about their feelings.