5 Ways to motivate employees without money

Increase your employee’s motivation without resorting to bonuses and salary increases.

Employees aren’t only motivated by money. Money serves as a short-term motivator. But to keep your employees in your company for a long time, you need to employ intrinsic motivators like growth, work recognition, acknowledgement, praises and more.

But what is the additional benefit for you? Increased productivity without costing you a dime.

Below we give you ways you can motivate your employees without giving them more money.

  • Build a sense of community

Make your employees feel connected to each other and not only the business by developing a community. While you can have online forums, the old-fashioned one on one interaction cannot be replaced. Some activities you can do are encourage your team to have lunch together; make them play games; host a party to celebrate milestones and more.

  • Encourage healthy competition

Another way to motivate employees is by promoting healthy competition. For example, you can encourage competition in the sales department by compliments, choosing an employee of the month or year. Develop such programs and define the rules of the game to help stimulate better connection and results.

  • Build personal relationships

Knowing their skills and expertise related to your business is not enough. Get to know your employees as people. Ask them about their hobbies, children, pets etc. to build personal relationships. You can go a step further and get to know their family by inviting them to a company picnic or other events.

  • Provide special privileges and perks

Having a work-life balance is important to your employees. Provide flexible schedules and work from home opportunities to make their workdays more pleasurable and rewarding. Apart from that, you can give them longer lunches, preferred parking spots, opportunity to spend time on their passion tasks or projects.

  • Offer praise and recognition

Praise and recognition are never enough for the employees. From saying a simple “thank you” to giving a shout-out during a meeting, you need to acknowledge all their tangible accomplishments. Look at specific metrics like sales volume, retention of customers, and increase in profit amount to help quantify their accomplishments and offer praise accordingly.

The above ways will make your employees enjoy their work, which will increase productivity. This will be beneficial for you and your business in the long run.

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