5 Ways to Save Bird Population in Your Locality

Contribute to preserving nature by inculcating these habits that will help the endangered bird population thrive in your locality.

Remember the wonderful morning that commenced with a painted blue sky and little free birds awakening us with a chirping chime. Even though this seems straight out of a Disney movie, there is no denying that the population of birds have gone down drastically through the years. Some would blame the urbanization and erecting electricity poles that have proved to be hazardous to wildlife. Here are simple ways you could commit to keeping the endangered birds safe and help them survive in the concrete jungle before it’s too late.

  1. Keep From Installing Reflective Windows-

Seeing gorgeous skyscrapers lined with reflective glass windows sure looks stunning, but what might be appealing to us might be harmful to the fauna. Birds that fly high often mistake the refection to be the sky and crash with the glass breaking their beaks. Installing safety screens and educating people about it can be a great way to keep accidents from happening.

  1. Be Careful With House Cats-

You must think that your pet kitty just plays around in the backyard by the birdbath, but cats are excellent predators when it comes to little birds. The nonnative cats that are domesticated automatically get on their animal instincts and the moment your attention slips they can make a lunch out of the poor birds who came to visit your garden!

  1. Plant Native Trees-

You might think landscaping your garden with imported trees and plants will make your garden look exotic, but that kills the natural habitat of the native birds living in your premises. If you have a tree at home that is home to birds, abstain from pruning it as it might do more harm to the wildlife than you think.

  1. Avoid Pesticides And Plastic-

Even though pesticides and plastic waste are not meant to attack birds, but the neonics in insecticides and polymer particles are lethal to birds feeding on them in your garden. Switching to organic ways to deal with pests can help you maintain the balance between pest attack and bird preservation.

  1. Educate People From Slashing Forests-

Forests that are cleared for cultivation of coffee have left many migratory birds homeless as they have no place to nest in. planting more trees so that wildlife is restored can do more to nature than we think.

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