5 ways to style your formal office shirt for casual outings

Too many formal shirts and too few styling options? Here are a few more style options to add to your list!

Office goers often find their formal shirts unimpressive for other occasions. This is mainly because they have a ton of these formal shirts which cannot be simply styled otherwise for causal outings, or can they? Here we have a list of styles for you to put your formal shirts to use for casual outings.

Pair it with a corset top:

You can bring a variety of look with different corset tops paired with shirts underneath. The most popular style is of wearing a black corset top with a white shirt underneath paired with jeans and black pumps. You can mix and match other colour palettes too.

For a night out with the girls:

Have a pair of denims? A formal shirt would go along very well. Add a pair of pumps, tuck the shirt in loose and get some elegant chic jewelry for a classy look on your girls’ night out. You can even carry the accessories in your office bag to get changed quickly and join your friends on the go.

For a chic look:

Not everything in fashion is elegant, but when you know how to style your formal shirt with the right pieces, things will fall into place. Get a printed skirt to go with the shirt. You can tie up the bottom of the shirt to make it look like a crop shirt and wear the skirt down your waist. This can be styled with sneakers for a laid back look.

Don’t skip the striped pants as yet:

Striped pants are great for solid formal shirts, but do they go well with a casual look? Yes, if you style it right! Get a pair of big hoop gold earrings and a pair of pumps to go with your formal shirt and striped pants and you are all set for a brunch.

 Get ready for an ethnic look:

Yes, formal shirts can do that as well, how? All the ethnic and Aztec printed Indian styled skirts or lehengas you see can pair really well with modern fashion trends. Printed skirts will have a long lasting effect due to the modernized versions that continuously evolve with time and this time around formal shirts are being paired with them. Get your favourite formal shirt and use it as a blouse to go with your ethnic skirt. Add the right accessories and a pair of ankle strap or even boots for a modern ethnic look.

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