Published By: Shreya Ghai

5 ways to write an effective email.

Emails are relied upon heavily in every small and big company.

Since everyone deeply relies upon emails, it sure should be very well written. Emails are supposed to give a clear message to the reader about a subject hence it plays a vital role in every business. It’s not just about writing paragraph after paragraphs, there is more to it and we have curated 5 things you must keep in mind to write an effective email in order to convey your message to the reader in a clear and concise manner. Here’s how you can craft an effective email.

Draft a meaningful subject line

Before you get to writing your email, you need to write a crisp, precise yet detailed subject line so that when the reader sees the subject line of the email, it should immediately reflect what the email is about. It should be relevant to the purpose of the email so that, when the recipient looks up the subject he/she can immediately find it in their inbox.

Don’t lose the purpose of the email

While writing your email, make sure you don’t deviate from the purpose of writing that email. Draft an email that is brief and direct. Keep it to the point. Everything that you include in your email should be related to the subject and all the necessary information should be included in it. Every paragraph should include one main point only so that you can focus on the purpose. Stay focused and do not deviate from the point for a prompt and swift reply.

Use bullet points

Bullet points grab the reader’s attention to the major points. It makes it very easy for the reader to read the main information even if they don’t want to go through the entire email.

Watch your tone of writing

The tone of an email is difficult to interpret but what the reader interprets he/she can assume it to be in a certain tone even if you didn't intend it to be like that. So be careful not to draft your email with too many exclamation marks, bold letters, or using heavy words. Always use words like please, sorry and lines like “would be great if you could” rather than “you must do it”. Your email should be drafted in a polite manner. Avoid quotes or lines that can be offensive to others.

There is a big difference between writing an email and writing an effective email. Everyone can write an email, but only a few can write them effectively. Follow these simple tips to draft your email effectively for better results and more productivity.