5 Ways You Can Improve Communication With Your Child

Naturally communicating with your child shows them that you care but it is easier said than done.

There is no one way of communicating with a child. Every child has different needs and desires. Parenting does not come with a single rulebook that has all the answers to your all your problems. Many parents face problems in effectively communicating with their child. While that is absolutely normal, here are some tips you can try to improve your communication with your child.

Pay Attention to the Details

Be a good listener. Pay attention to what your child is saying and don’t miss any detail by letting yourself to drift off mid-conversation. Kids give the highest importance even to the most trivial things. Therefore, it is necessary that you show interest and give importance to the same trivial matters. This will show them that you not only care for them but also that they are important to you.

Communication Works Two Ways

Remember it is a conversation you must have with your kid. Don’t make them feel alone in it. Show them that you are in it too. Share your own anecdotes, suggestions and opinions with them extending the conversation beyond just a question- answer session. Talking about yourself will make your kid take interest in you and get to know you better.

Be Your Honest Self

Do not pretend with your child. Try to be as much as your honest version as you can. Also, do not go overboard with your emotions and reactions. Instead let your kid see the person you are!

Create Talking Practice

Observe your child closely. Figure out their style of communicating and conversations. They may be a morning-talker, or one who communicates during a meal or a bath or before sleep. Find out the best and most effective time when your child freely opens up to you. Make it a practice to engage in conversations with your kid during those times.

Talk During the Little Breaks

Often parents find it hard to take out time of their busy schedule and talk with their kids everyday as per routine. Don’t skip out on your child like they are a meeting you can cancel. Instead use the little breaks like driving them to school or when baking and cooking together and the likes to talk to your child.

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