5 World’s smallest countries to visit

Ever wanted to visit the smallest countries of the world? Scroll below.

The world’s smallest countries might not have a big area of square footage. But they make up for their lack of size with their hoards of attractions combined with a rich culture and food.  Here we give you a list of countries that are so small you can see everything they have to offer in a day.

Vatican City

While this country has an area of 0.2 square miles, 5 million people visit it every year. Vatican City, an internationally recognized independent state, is nestled inside Rome. Filled with magnificent art and architecture, this place has many incredible churches and hosts an abundance of festivals and events. Furthermore, they also have a Vatican museum that is known for its rich art collection.


A compilation of nine independent islands in Oceania, this nation has an area covering 26 square kilometres. It is snuggled between Hawaii and Australia and sees only a couple of thousand visitors every year. Among keen travellers, this island nation is known for an eco-getaway with low-key accommodation and individual exploration opportunities. Snorkel in the lagoons and witness their attractions in complete peace and absence of tourists.


With 2.02 square kilometres of area, this European country is the second smallest country in the world and the smallest country with a coastline. It is located in the South of France hosting exquisite tourist spots like Casino de Monte-Carlo, Exotic Garden of Monaco, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Larvotto Beach and more. The population of this country can vary depending on the season but reached new heights during the Formula 1 Grand Prix races.


Liechtenstein is located in the Alps of Austria and Switzerland with a total area of 160 square kilometres. The royal family govern this 37,000 people country is who stay at a mountaintop that overlooks the capital. Despite its minuscule size, the country is famous amid hikers and runners who traverse the country on foot. Explore this country’s beauty for a few days while talking to the friendly locals and enjoying their scrumptious food.

Falkland Islands

A self-governing bunch of islands, it is located off South America with a population of around 3,000, who mostly reside in the capital, Stanley. It is home to some rare birds, seals, sheep, whales and penguins. This country receives flights only from Chile and the UK. Travellers mainly make a stop here while continuing on their adventures ahead to Antarctica.

Don’t these countries sound exciting?

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