5 worst moments of Bojack Horseman

Like Todd said to Bojack “It’s you. Alright? It’s you”

Bojack has been a real piece of s**t, in his own words. Being awful and Bojack go hand in hand. Bojack Horseman is a gut-wrenching animated series and Bojack has a lot to apologise for.

A self-loathing individual, Bojack is a master of self-destruction. Thoroughly incapable of taking accountability for his actions, placing blame on misfortunes, Bojack is not the typical good guy. More precisely, he can’t even be considered a good person for the majority of the show. But there’s a fine line where you see him as the sympathetic protagonist or like an unforgivable narcissist.

Bojack is majorly flawed. Like his mother Beatrice had said that he was” born broken”. A lot of the awfulness comes from the terrible upbringing, toxic parenting, but Bojack gets meaner, sadder, more destructive as he gets older. Whatever the reason, there are countless bad thing Bojack has done.

Here’s 7 worst moments of Bojack Horseman

Waiting before calling for help for Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn was a troubled individual. Bojack not only go on a drug-fuelled month-long bender with Sarah Lynn, but waited 17 minutes before calling 911 when Sarah Lynn overdosed in the planetarium. This was only revealed later in the show when Bojack had started to become better. But the harm was already done.

Sabotaging Todd’s rock opera

Bojack, terrified to be alone and it is evident when he sabotages Todd’s dream to pursue rock opera. The sabotage is not only ironic of the disruptive parenting style Bojack was subjected to but also how desperate he is to clip Todd’s wings so he doesn’t have to be alone.

Stealing Diane’s therapist

Such a Bojack thing to do. Only Bojack could attempt for something good and instead cause mental trouble for others. Even after Diane asks Bojack to go to a different therapist, Bojack continues to do so but convincing the therapist was just a friend. He drops the therapist but Diane gets left behind as well.

Strangling Gina

Season Five saw a graphic depiction of what drug addiction and the nervous breakdown can do to a person and everyone around them. On the set of Philbert, in the middle of shoot, Bojack, cracked up with drugs, strangles his co-star Gina before everyone realizes he is not acting.

His relation with Penny and Charlotte

Bojack arrives in New Mexico to meet Charlotte. An one day visit turns into months’ long staying a boat on the driveway. Bojack tried to be a part of the family but ended up kissing Charlotte, even though she is in a happy marriage and even didn’t do enough to stop Penny from throwing himself at him. Bojack as an adult not only turned away Charlotte from being his friend, but also scarred a teenager.


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