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Did you know the bag you carry could complement your silhouette and add points to your looks? Read on to find out more!

The choice of your purse may have a significant impact on your overall appearance. And remember to consider the importance of body shape when selecting the perfect handbag. Before shopping for a new purse, give this handy guide a read to learn how to determine your body shape and form so you can choose one that complements you. Read on!

For Shorter Women

Remember proportions; a huge purse will look ridiculous on a tiny person. Pick a bag with a strap that’s either short or medium in length and a size that falls somewhere in between. Long-strapped handbags have the opposite effect, making the wearer appear shorter. Remember that carrying luggage with a broad base can also make you appear shorter. Select purses that are longer in the vertical dimension to visually extend the appearance of your torso.

For Lean Women

Instead of going for a boxy, rigid bag that will only draw attention away from you, choose a slouchy style that will conform to your body. Unflattering bag proportions include those that are too large, too tiny, or too broad. Likewise, carrying a bag with an extremely short strap can make you appear taller; a longer strap will have the opposite effect.

For Plus Size Women

The principle of proportion applies once more. A little purse will draw attention to the fact that you are overweight if you are a plus-size woman. Don’t opt for enormous, round, slouchy bags either; they’ll accentuate your hips and thighs’ flabbiness. Choose medium-sized, flat-against-the-body structured bags instead.

For Pear Shaped Body

Keep away from slouchy bags resting on your hips if you tend to carry your weight lower. These pants will make your thighs and thighs look even more significant. Instead, choose structured handbags with a length that stops above the hips.

For Apple-Shaped Body

Bags with short straps and those that are too narrow will emphasise the width of your shoulders and middle section. Instead, find your centre of gravity with a large, structured bag that sits at your hips or below to divert attention off your breast.

For Hourglass Shaped Body

Select purses that rest below your hips if you have a distinct waist and proportionate hips and shoulders. Accentuate your curves with medium-sized hobo purses, totes, or crossbody bags!


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